Bone Surgery

Orthopedic instruments consist of caring and treating bones which are part of the body and which become injured. The medical specialist such as orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon is providing services to their patient through surgery by best orthopedic instruments sets  and technical supports. The problems that arise in the skeleton and its attachments, the ligaments and tendon know as orthopedic problem and disease is cure by some surgical operation. Since orthopedics deals with different conditions of bones, included in the orthopedic instruments are tools for correcting bone fractures etc. or that help in dealing with bones in other surgeries. They include:

  1. Mallets
  2. Bone Holding Forceps
  3. Bone Holding Retractors
  4. Chisels
  5. Bone Curettes
  6. Elevators
  7. Bone Pliers
  8. Proctoscopes
  9. Rib Spreaders
  10. Bone Gauge
Mallets Bone Holding Forceps Bone Holding Retractors Chisels Bone Curettes Elevators Bone Pliers Proctoscopes Rib Spreaders Bone Gauge


  • Bone Rongeurs

    Rongeurs are like pliers with a heavy, pointed jaw. With their heavy contrsuction, rongeurs are used for gnawing holes in bones during surgery. The scoop shaped tip of the rongeur is used for gouging the bone. This could be neurosurgery where the surgeon must remove part of the skull to expose the brain. Ronguers maybe used in an orthopedic surgery or even a cadaver dissection.

    Along with the rongeurs, we carry bone cutters, too. Bone cutters are also heavy duty, manual instruments designed for manipulating bones during small animal surgery. They are shaped like scissors or pliers. Using the sharp edge, bone cutters can penetrate bones or even bisect them. Bone cutters are frequently used in orthopedic surgery or oral surgery.

  • Hammers, Mallets,...

    Orthopaedic mallets are a commonly used orthopaedic instrument used in a variety of surgical procedures. Orthopaedic mallets are used in combination with a chisel, gouge or osteotome when driving a nail or screw into the bone.

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