• Basic Surgery

    A Basic Surgical instrument is a tool or device for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue or providing access for viewing it.

    Over time, many different kinds of surgical instruments and tools have been invented. Some surgical instruments are designed for general use in surgery, while others are designed for a specific procedure

    Accordingly, the nomenclature of surgical instruments follows certain patterns, such as a description of the action it performs (for example, scalpel, hemostat), the name of its inventor(s) (for example, the Kocher forceps)

    1: a compound scientific name related to the kind of surgery (for example, a tracheotome is a tool used to perform a tracheotomy).

    The expression surgical instrumentation is somewhat interchangeably used with surgical instruments

    2: but its meaning in medical jargon is the activity of providing assistance to a surgeon with the proper handling of surgical instruments during an operation, by a specialized professional, usually a surgical technologist or sometimes a nurse or radiographer.


    Plastic surgery incorporates aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Roboz Tech provides a broad range of surgical instruments for both branches of plastic surgery.

    As a leading manufacturer of medical technology, our product range consists of more than 10,000 basic instruments. We also supply special instruments which meet the requirements of the latest technology standards.

    Our surgical instruments are subject to strict quality management. We emphasize precise craftsmanship, durability, and outstanding functionality. With reliable precision instruments from Roboz Tech, you can achieve the best results in the field of plastic surgery.

  • Sterilisation,...

    In hospitals and laboratories, disinfection, sterilization and cleaning are part of the daily routine. Although these terms are often mentioned together, the differences between the actual procedures are great. Here we have compiled a detailed list of the exact differences between disinfection and sterilization, which definitions are relevant in each case, and which procedures, methods and areas of application are differentiated

  • Bone Surgery

    Orthopedic instruments consist of caring and treating bones which are part of the body and which become injured. The medical specialist such as orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon is providing services to their patient through surgery by best orthopedic instruments sets  and technical supports. The problems that arise in the skeleton and its attachments, the ligaments and tendon know as orthopedic problem and disease is cure by some surgical operation. Since orthopedics deals with different conditions of bones, included in the orthopedic instruments are tools for correcting bone fractures etc. or that help in dealing with bones in other surgeries. They include:

    1. Mallets
    2. Bone Holding Forceps
    3. Bone Holding Retractors
    4. Chisels
    5. Bone Curettes
    6. Elevators
    7. Bone Pliers
    8. Proctoscopes
    9. Rib Spreaders
    10. Bone Gauge

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