Basic Surgery

A Basic Surgical instrument is a tool or device for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue or providing access for viewing it.

Over time, many different kinds of surgical instruments and tools have been invented. Some surgical instruments are designed for general use in surgery, while others are designed for a specific procedure

Accordingly, the nomenclature of surgical instruments follows certain patterns, such as a description of the action it performs (for example, scalpel, hemostat), the name of its inventor(s) (for example, the Kocher forceps)

1: a compound scientific name related to the kind of surgery (for example, a tracheotome is a tool used to perform a tracheotomy).

The expression surgical instrumentation is somewhat interchangeably used with surgical instruments

2: but its meaning in medical jargon is the activity of providing assistance to a surgeon with the proper handling of surgical instruments during an operation, by a specialized professional, usually a surgical technologist or sometimes a nurse or radiographer.

Basic Surgical instrument


  • Scalpels and Knives

    Looking for scalpels or surgical knives for your research laboratory? We have disposable knives, sapphire blades, and standard scalpel blades and blade handles.

  • Micro Scissors

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  • General Scissors

    Straight scissors are used for cutting sutures (“suture scissors”), while curved scissors are used for cutting heavy tissue (e.g., fascia).

    Metzenbaum Scissors: Lighter scissors used for cutting delicate tissue (e.g., heart) and for blunt dissection.

  • Tweezers

    Tweezers are small tools used for picking up objects too small to be easily handled with human fingers. The word is most likely derived from tongs, pincers, or scissors-like pliers used to grab or hold hot objects since the dawn of recorded history. In a scientific or medical context, they are normally referred to as forceps.

    Tweezers make use of two third-class levers connected at one fixed end (the fulcrum point of each lever), with the pincers at the others

  • General Forceps

    Surgical instruments can vary widely by the field of surgery that they are used in. In general, instruments can be divided into five classes by function:

    1. Cutting and dissecting instruments:
      • Scalpels, scissors, and saws are the most traditional
      • Although the term dissection is broad energy devices such as diathermy/cautery are often used as more modern alternatives.
    2. Grasping or holding instruments:
      • Classically this included forceps and clamps predominantly
      • Roughly forceps can be divided into traumatic (tissue crushing) and atraumatic (tissue preserving, such as Debakey's)
      • Numerous examples are available for different purposes by field
    3. Hemostatic instruments:
      • This includes instruments utilized for the cessation of bleeding
      • Artery forceps are a classic example in which bleeding is halted by direct clamping of a vessel
      • Sutures are often used, aided by a needle holder
      • Cautery and related instruments are used with increasing frequency in high resource countries
    4. Retractors:
      • Surgery is often considered to be largely about exposure
      • A multitude of retractors exist to aid in exposing the bodies cavities accessed during surgery
      • These can broadly be handheld (often by a junior assistant) or self-retaining
    5. Tissue unifying instruments and materials:
      • This would include instruments that aid in tissue unification (such as needle holders or staple applicators)
      • And the materials themselves
  • Probes Aspiration

    Probes, Aspiration, Puncture, Varix & Injection

    • Probes
    • Vessel probes and dilators
    • Fistula probes
    • Gall duct probes and dilators
    • Cotton-applicators
    • Aspirating cannulas
    • Irrigating instruments
    • Trocars
    • Varix instruments
    • Cannulas
    • Syringes
    • Ear and water syringes

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